Skip Hire cost offers the market competitive high-quality skip hire services at the lower rates as compared to other Skip hire services in the UK. We offer you the option of comparing prices and skip sizes, waste containing capacity, and dimensions. Moreover, payment through online can give you a discount of £20 instantly on all skip sizes.



Skip Hire Near Me 24/7 assistance about the skip sizes. You can find your desired skip size at skip hire cost in less price with timely service.


You can compare estimated prices with skip sizes available. Compare prices and book instantly with a discount of £20 at all skip sizes.


Skip hire cost saves your time by updating all the necessary questions related to skip sizes, prices, locations and skip permits.


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Our skip hire near me service makes the tiresome task of rubbish allocation easy. If you want reliable rubbish skip services near you, then skip Hire cost near is the best one at affordable prices. At short notice, we come up with all skip sizes and prices in your affordable budget range. If you are not sure which skip waste size, capacity, and dimension to pick, we provide friendly assistance. All skip sizes in all dimensions are available at Skip Hire Cost in the whole UK. Skip Hire cost near me offers mini, midi, builder, maxi, and RORO skip sizes at low prices. You can also go through our Skip hire cost guide for better understanding and hiring Skip in less time and at reasonable rates. 


Our standard Skip Hire duration is 14 days approximately. It can be hired for more than 14 days as per the requirements. But the charges for long-duration changes according to the period, skip sizes, capacity, and dimensions. Reasonable rates are available for every skip service. Usually, the customers hire a skip for 7 to 10 days, but in Skip hire cost, the collection date is flexible. You can order for one day or for more days and rates will be economical with quality service.


We provide waste management, collection, analysis, and recycling services in all the cities, villages, and towns all across the UK. National coverage provided by us makes us the first choice among all other skip services companies in the UK. We follow the rules and regulations, analyze waste, and avoid putting restricted scraps in the Skip.

Skip Hire Prices differ in different cities and locations according to skip permit, area, size, capacity, and dimensions. For example, there is a price range of £229 – £270 if you want to hire the 6-yard Skip. For more information regarding the area, skip size, skip permits, capacity, and dimensions, go through our Skip hire cost guide.


There are restrictions, fines, and penalties if not follow the skip permit issued by the local council. Our Skip Hire Cost can get the skip permit on the behalf of customers, according to different cities all across the UK. If you want to place waste on the public roads and do not have enough space, then you will have to take a skip permit from the local council.

Moreover, in case of not having enough space and skip placement on public pavements, you will have to make the proper markings and lights around the Skip. We can help you in asking for these skip permits, or you can also directly ask the local councils for your skip permits. Local councils issue the skip permits generally for 1 or 2 weeks. An additional fee applies for more than 7 days if you need skip services for more than 14 days.


Skip Hire Cost offers same-day skip hire delivery at the competitive rates with the best professional services. No other company offers the high level services as we do. Hire one of the leading skip hire service provider and feel free from the worries of the management of your waste material.


2 Yard Skip £126 - £271
3 Yard Skip £158 - £271
4 Yard Skip £176 - £214
6 Yard Skip £229 - £270
8 Yard Skip £211 - £280
10 Yard Skip £258 - £364
12 Yard Skip £277 - £367
14 Yard Skip £303 - £450
16 Yard Skip £316 - £525


Skips come in a different range of sizes and skip hire prices. We offer all sizes of skips and if you are not able to decide what size of skip you need, contact us, we will guide you about the best possible option that can meet your requirements. Selecting the smaller skip size at less price sometimes leads to problems in waste management. Get the skip size according to your requirements in a cost-effective way.

Ordering a large skip helps in managing waste efficiently and also saves time from asking for a second one. Get the quick quote for all skip sizes. 2-yard is the smallest, and 40-yard is the biggest skip size available at Skip Hire cost. Now get the desired skip size in your budget to handle the massive waste or smaller scrap in less time from us.


How to get rid of small unwanted things scattered everywhere, in our homes, garden, and offices after renovation?

 If you have the domestic waste up to 25 sacks, then mini Skip is the right choice. The mini Skip we offer can easily manage the waste types such as industrial waste, soil, general commercial, and rubble. 

Mini skips can easily handle small scale projects such as moving house, decorating a garden, throwing a party at home, generating a mess of waste. 

A small skip or mini Skip covering waste of 2 yards and 3 yards are the most demanding skips all over the UK. The average price for the mini Skip of 2 yards and a 3-yard range from £126 – £271. 

A 2-yard mini skip can carry up to 20-30 garbage bags. The smallest size of skip is a2-yards skip and its dimensions are 3ft Height x 4ft Width x 5ft length. An average price for handling the waste of smaller projects range from £126 – £271.

 3-yard skip size also considered as a mini skip but dealt with slightly bigger projects with dimensions of 6 ft length x 4 ft width x 3 ft height. In the UK £158 – £271 is the average price for a 3-yard mini skip and can easily handle 30-40 bags full of waste. 


Our midi skip sizes can easily handle the small and medium-size waste disposal both. Whether the waste materials after house renovation or commercial waste, both demand medium skip sizes.

The midi skip sizes are available at affordable prices and handle more extensive projects waste materials. A 4-yard and a 5-yard skip size known as the midi skip sizes for taking the moderate amount of trash. 

Our midi skip sizes easily handle the projects such as minor demolition, large gardens clearance, small and massive DIY Projects waste. Now say goodbye to commercial site waste management, tiring process, and order our midi skip sizes for easy waste removal. 

If you have 40 to 50 bags of waste, then a 4-yard midi skips size is the ideal choice with dimensions of 4feet width x 6feet length x 3feet height. With the price range of £176 – £214, it provides skip size according to your desired size, capacity, and dimensions. 

5-yard skip is the largest midi skip size and used for small domestic and commercial projects. It can be used for small renovation projects as well as for commercial projects. This skip size is also considered as eco-friendly skip and can accommodate up to 60 black trash bags in it. The average price for a 5-yard skip is from  £210-£240.


The skip sizes larger midi skips are builder skip sizes and used for carrying the heavy waste products. We offer the 6 cubic yards and 8 cubic yards builder skip sizes.

The more significant waste management projects such as construction sites call for builder skip size to manage the bulk of waste materials. If you have 60 to 70 heavy garbage bags, then choose the builder skip sizes from our services.

The kitchen, bathroom, and gardens renovations/construction generate massive trash and are challenging to manage. Our team on one call comes up with the 6-yard builder skip to carry waste equal to the weight of 60 to 70 trash bags.

 An average price for a 6-yard builder skip is £229 – £270 and mostly hired for managing household renovation wastes. An 8-yard builder skip easily handles 80-90 black bins trash with the price range of £211 – £280. 

Standard dimensions for the small builder are 10 feet length x 4 feet width x 4 feet height, and a large builder covers 12 feet length x 6 feet width x 4 feet height dimensions skip size. The builders of the United Kingdom like Builder Skips because Builder Skips help them to manage the unwanted waste on the construction sites.


If you want the Skip sizes greater than builder skip sizes, then check for our maxi skip sizes. It includes; 10-yard, 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard and the largest skip in Maxi skips sizes is an 18-yard. 

Skip Hire cost helps in the number of tasks and offers services to dispose of bulky and massive waste. Large scale home renovation, commercial clear out, and garden renovations get handled in less time as compared to other skip companies.

A 10 yards maxi skip operates the 100-110 black bags bins at the price range of £258 – £364. Its dimensions are 3.5-meter length x 1.5-meter height x 1.75-meter width. 

12 yards maxi skip used for the bulky wastes from construction sites of big buildings. A 12-yards maxi skip’s average price is £275 – £365. Its dimensions are 3.7-meter length x 1.68-meter height x 1.75-meter width.

For the recycling of 140 to 150 bags of trash, 14-yard maxi skips work perfectly at the price range from £303 – £450. The dimensions of a 14-yard skip are 1.75-meter width x 1.8-meter height x 4.1-meter length. A 16-yard maxi skip can easily handle 160 -170 black bag bins for industrial waste management at the price range of £316 – £525. 

The 16-yard skip dimensions are 1.75-meter width x 2-meter height x 4.3-meter length. The largest maxi skip size is 18 yards and can handle 190-200 black bags bins at an average price of £1045. The 18-yard skip is used for a large amount of garbage and its dimensions are 1.98-meter width x 2.13-meter height x 4.11-meter length.


If you have a big waste to manage then RORO (Roll-on & Roll-off) skip sizes are the ideal ones. Skip Hire Cost’s RORO skip covers 20, 25, 30, and 40 yards skip size.

We can easily take care of huge industrial wastes by offering the RORO skip sizes. If you want to reduce your project’s waste costs and Minimize on-site disruption, via less frequent collections, then roll on roll skips are the right choice. 

20-yard skip dimensions are 2.23-meter width x 6.07-meter length x 1.62-meter height. More than 230 black garbage bags can easily be put into it. The 25-yard skip dimensions are 6.10-meter length x 1.52-meter height x 2.44-meter width. 

This enormous size skip can easily entertain 270-280 black rubbish bags. Another giant 30-yard skip dimensions are 6.10-meter length x 2.44-meter width x 1.98-meter height.


 It can easily accommodate 300-350 garbage bags in it. The largest size of skip is 40-yard and its dimensions are 1.69-meter height x 2.23-meter width x 6.07-meter length. 40-yard skip garbage containing capacity is from 440-450 black rubbish bags. But the RORO skip sizes generally used for the waste hazardous for the environment and must look for the skip permit. We eliminate all the factors affecting the local environment by offering expertise recycling and waste management service.


Lockable skip is available in different dimensions. These skips sizes are the safest way of disposing of the waste material as these can be locked in place. To avoid any unpretentious situation you can lock this skip. 

Mostly open skips are hired by the customers in the UK that can create a hassle for the users in the shape of fines or extra payments due to the unwanted or prohibited materials disposed of in the skips. 

Also, waste material can be stolen from open skips and lockable skips are the best solution for avoiding this kind of situation. Nobody can put any waste materials into your Lockable skips without your permission. This skip is also used by domestic and commercial users according to their needs and requirements. 

A lockable skip is a top choice when you need to place the skip in public areas or on the roadside. These skips are also useful for the customers as far more weatherproof skips and your waste materials remain dry due to the lockable skips.


Skip Hire Cost offers a £20 discount on all available skip sizes. You can also compare the prices of our skip sizes with other companies of the United Kingdom. Prices of Skip Hire Cost are cheapest and affordable that is why anyone can afford our Skips without any hassle even someone have low budget. 


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